27 Insanely Fun Outdoor Games You'll Want To Play All Summer Long

fun games to play at the park for adults

Dunk Bucket. Share On facebook Share. thehappyhousewife.com. Lawn Twister. Share On facebook Share. Giant Beer Pong. instagram.com. Frozen T-Shirt Race. Share On facebook Share. Giant Jenga. Share On facebook Share. Slide and Toss. howdoesshe.com. Bean Bag Ladder Toss. Share On facebook Share. Water Balloon Dodge Ball..
Fun outdoor games are typically geared toward children or young adults and many of these games hold a childlike simplicity, such as guessing an item or...
Outdoor Youth Group Games, ice breaker games, team building activities and other ideas for Youth Groups.

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Tired of adulting? London has some great kids activities designed for grown ups

Looking for ways to keep the entire family busy, connected, and having fun this summer? Here are. Best DIY Backyard Games - Jumbo Jenga - Cool DIY Yard Game Ideas for Adults, Teens and Kids - Easy Tutorials for Cornhole, Washers, Jenga, Tic Tac Toe and.. 10 DIY Lawn Games to Bring the Amusement Park Home.
Whether you're looking for an old classic, entertainment for your outdoor wedding or fun activities to get your kids out of the house, we've got 50 of the best summer games for the young and young at heart.
In celebration of springtime and the kid in all of us, we made a list of the best backyard and beach games for adults.
Many of these games are great for the beach too! Potato Sack Race. Sack races, aka "gunny races," became popular at carnivals in the 1800s, and they're still a hoot today. Spikeball. Cornhole or Beanbag Toss. Bocce or Boochie. Horseshoes. Washer Toss. Kan Jam or Frisbee Golf. Limbo.

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6 Super Fun Family Reunion Games

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Best 25+ Outdoor games adults ideas on Pinterest | Outdoor games for adults, Kids outside games and Giant beer pong

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In search of the perfect group, indoor, physical, or even nursing home activities for seniors?
These fun activities for seniors will boost social interaction and make a positive impact on overall mood and self-esteem.
Try a New Restaurant Break away from your go-to spots and try something new.
Results at the top will give you the best-rated restaurants.
Make sure to avoid the "Ads" as those restaurants have paid to be pushed to the top.
Plan a Movie Night Going to the movies is an experience that will never get old.
Nothing better than a cold dark theater and buttery popcorn fingers.
Choosing the movie is easy, head over to to find reviews on the latest releases.
You can also to see what movies times you can make after dinner.
Don't worry about the line, purchase your tickets right from the Rotten Tomatoes site.
Start Dating You may be hesitant to start dating again, but why not see what benefits a new relationship could bring?!
Sign upcreate a profile and start finding your potential matches.
Visit Family More As families grow older and largerschedules get busier and it can be difficult to visit with family.
Set time aside to plan a family trip or gathering.
It could be as simple as having everyone over for a BBQ!
Local Meetups Local meetups are a great way to get out in the community and meet new people.
Visit the site to sign up, you'll create an account that allows you to specify your interests and find great groups doing things you love.
Go Shopping Department store malls are overpriced, predictable, and repetitive.
Branch out and visit consignment shops, flea markets, and thrift stores where hidden treasures are just waiting to be found!
These shopping venues are low cost and you can negotiate on price.
Road Trip Get in your car and drive!
Consider exploring new roads you've yet to conquer.
Planning the trip is simple.
Download the app or visitlog in with social media or sign up for an account.
With access to and the best lists ofcreate a trip by adding destinations to your map.
Check Out Your Senior Center Usually associated with the county, senior centers offer a wide variety of services and support, along with social events.
Visit your senior center or look for their website online to get more information on what they have to offer.
Most sites will provide a list of programs and upcoming events that are open to the public.
Getting involved in some social activities will open the doors to meeting others in your community!
Take Advantage of Your Landscape Whether it's a trip down to the beach, a day at the lake, or a hiking adventure through the woods, forget the traveling and make most of the landscape that is in your backyard.
Scour the Newspaper for Special Events The local newspaper is a great resource to find upcoming special events or activities.
Festivals, markets, sales, exhibits, and fundraisers are commonly promoted in the local section weekly.
If fun games to play at the park for adults don't get the newspaper delivered, you can pick one up at a newsstand, or visit your favorite paper's website for the online version.
Become a Member of an Organizations Joining an organization often come with many perks, such as; discounts, private events, social interaction, and access to resources like professional advice or information.
It's a great way to meet new people, give back to the community, and stay motivated.
You may also consider taking advantage of leadership opportunities.
Travel Where You Always Dreamed Where have you always wanted to visit?
Now's the time to take advantage.
Use travel sites like, and to plan your overdue rendezvous.
Not only is this a great way to get out of the house, but you're also supporting and connecting with your community.
Not to mention you can find some of the freshest produce!
As we age we must put forth a conscious effort to keep up with our health and fitness.
Along with tips for keeping tabs on your nutrition.
Track Your Nutrition Challenge yourself to monitor your nutrition.
Sign up and download the app to enter your daily food log.
You can even log your water intake and workouts.
The app has lots of great nutritional and fitness information that can help you stay educated on what's good for your body.
Perform Chair Exercises Who says you need to stand up to exercise?
Chair exercises designs for seniors are easy on the joints and have proven to provide many benefits for those seeking lower impact activity that gets the blood flowing.
Explore a New Diet There has been a lot of hype around new diets lately with talk of health and mood improvements across the board.
Why not try following a new diet to help boost your health?
Learn the science behind the diets and decide which one you think would suit you.
Create a Home Gym on a budget If you enjoy working out but would rather skip the annual membership fee then consider turning the empty space of your garage, basement, or guest room into your very own home gym.
Although personal equipment is expensive there are options.
Look into buying second hand and be sure to check garage sales and online classifieds.
OR consider small that provides the same benefits as full sized machines.
Track Your Steps You can find and purchase a Fitbit at your local sporting goods store, big-box stores like Walmart or Targetor online at.
These sleek wristbands are designed to track your fitness all day long.
It tracks your steps, heart rate, sleep activity, and workouts daily.
It's great for setting goals and the information syncs up with the app on your phone to track your results.
Join a Gym Joining a gym gives you access to working out despite the weather outdoors.
Not only that, joining a gym is like joining a small community.
Get to know the other members, attend group classes, and enlist a workout partner!
Before signing up for a membership, check out all your potential facilities.
Request a tour and a 3-day to trial before committing to an entire year.
Juggling Once you've mastered the technique you'll always have a hidden talent in your back pocket.
Learning to juggle is not only entertaining, it helps to improve your fun games to play at the park for adults coordination and motor skills.
Try Yoga Yoga is the perfect low-impact exercise packed with a huge list of benefits.
Work to improve your.
Check out the local studios and what classes your gym may offer.
Some community groups coordinate free or for donation classes where locals meet up and practice together.
Discover Weightlifting Typically when people hear the term weightlifting they associate it with the big muscle heads at the gym, but an appropriate weightlifting routine can provide lots of benefits.
Moving weights can help to add bone mass to the hip and spine.
It can relieve pains from arthritis, improve range of motion, and strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
Safe practice and proper form is always recommended.
If you're a member at the local gym, look into scheduling an appointment with a personal trainer to develop the safest routine.
Proactively Manage Your Health When is the last time you visited your doctor?
The first thing you can do is make fun games to play at the park for adults you're up-to-date on all your appointments.
But don't stop there, start between visits.
This helps to track health trends and alert you of any abnormal findings.
Monitoring makes it easy to communicate results to your doctor and can also be beneficial for identifying your body's reaction to prescribed medications.
The most important vitals to monitor, on a regular basis, are oxygen level, weight, temperature, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.
Participate in Local Charity Walks Pick a cause that you're passionate about, and check out their website.
Turn it into an event or tradition and invite your friends and family to help support the cause!
Just Stretch Improve your endurance, mobility, and flexibility by taking some time to stretch.
Look for areas of downtime throughout your daily routines.
You'll have plenty of opportunities without having to set aside time.
Throw it in during your TV time, right when you wake up in the morning, or right before bed.
Join the Silver Sneakers Silver Sneakers is a program designed to keep adults 65+ healthy and moving.
The program includes 13,000 participating facilities across the US and offers access to exclusive classes, meetups, and even Medicare health plans.
As a member, you can attend any participating gyms at any time.
Head over to their website and.
Take Up Bicycling Join a cycling club or take a leisurely ride your beach cruiser to the grocery store instead of taking the car.
The choice is up to you.
When it comes to bicycling there are, surprisingly, quite a few variations.
Some may even open the door to a new found hobby Road bikes- designed for speed and distance Mountain bikes- tackle higher grounds with rough terrain and obstacles Beach cruisers- single geared; good for trails, parks, and beaches Recumbent bikes- allow you to sit comfortably while pedaling, most have 3 wheels which provide extra stability.
Tandem bikes- a bicycle built for two!
Swim at Your YMCA or Community Pool Swimming is low impact, gentle on your joints, and great for your heart.
Perform aerobic exercises, swim laps, or attend a group class.
Indoor pools mean you can swim year-round, see what classes are offered at the YMCA or community pool.
At Home Workout Programs Mix some at-home workout programs in with your regular gym routine.
These programs are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and always provide modifications.
They start with beginner exercises and progressively become more challenging as you get further into the program.
There are a plethora of workout programs to choose from, here are just a few: - mix between yoga and pilates, low-impact - original walking workouts that incorporate cardio, flexibility, and strength training.
Join an Accountability Group Get motivation and find support by joining an accountability group and surround yourself with people working towards similar goals.
These groups are designed to increase your performance, measure your progress, keep you engaged, and allow you to express your thoughts and feelings.
Search for groups through your social media accounts.
Discover forums where you can share about your journey and receive virtual support from others going through the same experience.
If you're feeling courageous, start one of your own!
Get a Massage Massages are a relaxing way to recover from sore or fatigued muscles.
They do wonders for your health and are great for relieving stress, headaches, and in some cases digestive disorders.
Massages can get pricey but most spas offer a discounted rate for first-time customers.
Start Playing Tennis Tennis is known to be a social sport that you can play at any age.
It's a very challenging game, but easy to learn.
If you don't have the same pep in your step considering finding a doubles partner to lighten the workload.
Check out the public courts for free play or become a member at a club for anytime access.
Become an Umpire or Referee Have you always considered yourself a sports fanatic?
Then why not become an official for your favorite sport?
You may not make it to the big leagues but check out opportunities to officiate little league or even high school games.
Some gigs may even offer compensation!
Pick Up Golf Got lots of time?
Golf may just become your new favorite sport!
Playing golf will burn calories, get your heart rate up, and reduce stress.
It's a great source of exercise, and entertainment.
Don't forget to wear your to click here your steps on the course!!
Find a Hobby Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress and challenge yourself at the same time.
Anyone can find a new hobby and they make for great assisted living or nursing home activities!
Here's a long list of ideas for everyone.
Grow a Herb Garden Looking to gain a green thumb?
Start with a small herb garden that you can keep indoors.
Find a location that gets decent sunlight throughout the day at least 4 hours and plant your herbs in small pots with loose soil for good drainage.
Tend to and water once soil surface appears dry indoor gardens need less water, because of the cooler air.
Cook New Recipes Expand your recipe repertoire and cook something new!
Check out sites like, and for inspiring ideas.
Build a Computer This one sounds tough, but you don't have to be an engineer or tech wizard to take on the challenge.
By following basic guidance and instructions, anyone can build their own computer.
It's fun to learn what parts go where and why, and with having the ability to choose specific parts or components, your personally built computer is more than fun games to play at the park for adults to out-perform one you would pick up at the store.
Talk about ultimate bragging rights when you're finished ; 38.
Start Quilting Did you know quilting was actually good for your health?
Quilting clubs or communities offer a great place to socialize and build relationships.
Join a Theatre Group Theatre is popularly known as a form of self-expression.
It's also proven to be very therapeutic.
It's a great way to open up more socialization opportunities and build new friendships.
These groups are a wonderful way to gain confidence and inspiration throughout your daily life.
You can find groups online, but check with your church or community center for more opportunities.
Get on Social Media Social media is more than reconnecting with old friends.
Take to the online world to make new friends that share similar interests or express your feelings and allow others to relate.
Try starting up your own group or participate in an existing one to gain access to content based on information you desire.
Step into the social media world and follow your favorite brands, celebrities, sports teams, etc for endless entertainment.
Make a Scrapbook You've lived an exciting and fulfilling life, so fun games to play at the park for adults not document it?
Scrapbooking is another great creative outlet to relieve stress and perfect project for the elderly.
Join a scrapbook club and share your unique story with new friends as you craft away!
Adopt a Pet Open your home to a rescued pet.
Most shelters are overcrowded with animals that need a new home.
Skip the exhausting puppy phase and adopt a loyal companion.
Visit the online and read up on helpful information about the adoption process and factors to consider.
Check out websites You can also find potential pets available for adoption through websites!
Start a Blog Bring your thoughts and memories to life for others to enjoy.
Select "Get Started" to choose the layout and design of your site.
Follow the steps and create an account and you're ready to get working on your first entry.
Learn an Instrument Did you know it's easier to learn an instrument as an adult than it is a child?
As an adult you're set up much more conveniently, you've had a lifetime of listening to music, your attention span is longer, cognitively the concepts make more sense, and you actually want to learn the instrument- it's not forced or required.
You can teach yourself with help from the internet or DVDS or music shops will typically offer private or group lessons.
Fishing Get some fresh air, reconnect with the outdoors, and shut down the electronics.
Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities, and anyone can give it a shot.
It's a great way to make memories with the grandkids and teach them a valuable skill.
Antiquing Visit your favorite antique shops and find a piece that intrigues you.
Don't stop there, do your research.
Each piece has a unique story to tell, you never know when you'll stumble upon a treasure.
Your new statement piece could be extremely valuable or even have the potential to increase in value, making it your best conversation starter yet!
Homebrewing Learn how to prep, brew, ferment, and bottle your own beer.
Homebrewing is an art form, but don't let that scare you.
It's not as difficult as you may think.
Purchase an to point you in the right direction or sign up for a workshop.
Once you're confident in your technique, start experimenting with different flavors.
For honest reviews let your friends do the taste-testing.
PenPal PenPals are a fabulous way to educate yourself on other cultures and ways of life.
The traditional, snail mail, way of pen paling is still very popular, but communicating electronically makes it easier to connect and has taken pen pal opportunities to a new level.
Here's a on finding your pen pal 49.
Take a Trip in an RV Travel around the country in the comfort of your own home.
If you're hesitant about investing in an RV, check out the.
You can choose from different types and styles depending on the accommodations you need.
Check out to help plan your trip and get access to specials offers and discounts Without having to worry about hotel rentals and night stays you have the freedom to travel where you please.
Projects Save money and learn new skills, do-it-yourself projects have grown in popularity since the start of a.
Browse through the DIY searches or type in specific ideas to find step by step tutorials on "how to".
Do it just for fun or try making some extra cash by creating something you could sell.
Enjoy Birdwatching What a great excuse for an outdoor adventure.
Hit the trails for a day or make it into a trip.
Birdwatching provides exercise and is beneficial to your overall health.
All you need is anotebook, outdoor gear sunscreen, hat, bug spray, water etc.
Start a Bucket list No, you don't have to jump out of any plans, but write down everything you want to do in your lifetime and start fulfilling your dreams.
Learn Photography Capture a priceless moment and create a piece of art.
Strengthen your cognitive abilities and improve your memory by learning how to use a new camera and editing software.
Take a Ballroom Dancing Class Spice up your life with some salsa that doesn't come from a jar!
Pair up and make new friends; Ballroom Dancing boosts confidence, reduces stress, and best of all.
Do a Google search for studios in your area and add it to your weekly schedule.
Get a Fish Tank Put together an aquarium and soak up the tranquility.
A fish tank can provide a calming and peaceful sensation to a room that will improve your mood.
Pets are stressful but fish are low maintenance and easy to care for.
Volunteer Help others out and feel good doing it!
There are endless volunteering opportunities to take advantage of.
Consider childcare facilities, schools, churches, libraries, non-profits, and community centers around you.
Larger Charities and organizations will commonly list opportunities on their websites.
Check out this of volunteering sources for more options.
Become a Mentor Take your life skills and experiences and help others grow and learn.
Mentoring can be done formally through programs that assign you to a mentee or informally through family friends or community members.
Teach a Class If you have a specific skill or knowledge set that you would enjoy sharing with others, volunteer to teach a class on it!
Do some research and check if you are eligible to teach, if not, tackle the requirements.
Yoga, Zumba, cycling, boxing, cooking, sewing, baking, and dance classes are just a few that require minimal if any pre-requisites to become an instructor.
Car Restoration This takes a lot of work, but the end result is pretty impressive.
Bring that vintage Pontiac GTO toy you had as a kid to life in your own garage.
Before diving in, do your research.
Are the parts readily available?
Does the cost fit your budget?
How much work needs to be done?
Once you're ready to begin, create a schedule to keep you on track and your goals in sight.
And when you're finished, have your pride and joy entered into a car show to showcase your hard work and let others envy your classic.
Trivia Night Add some excitement to your dinner and drinks, and invite your friends to trivia night.
Trivia is a great group activity for seniors.
A lot of restaurants and bars host weekly trivia nights - most posting dates on their websites or calendar of events.
They're fun, entertaining, and stimulate your mind.
You're mistaken if you think fun activities for seniors are hard to come by.
Online Poker Visit the casino without having to leave your house.
Sign up for an account on a.
If you're seeking a little thrill, test your luck with a hand or two against some more serious players for money.
Remember to set a budget, just to be on the safe side ; 62.
Online Chess Find yourself destroying all your regular competition?
Head over to to test your strategies and battle opponents across the country who share the same passion for the game as you do.
Shuffleboard Head down to the shuffleboard courts for a leisurely game.
Socialize with others in your community, while getting fresh air and a little sunshine.
Senior Sports League Participate in a senior sports league.
Check out the rec center for sign ups or meet-up dates.
Most community centers hold organized game play for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football men, women, and co-ed.
Get a group of friends on board and enter the league or sign up individually to be placed on a team.
Check for openings on existing teams; church and community groups often have teams 65.
Checkers, Cards, Board Games, etc.
Release your competitive side by dabbling in some classic games.
Dust off the old boards and play the traditional way or hop on the computer and play against someone from across the world.
Puzzles or Crosswords Start working on the daily crosswords in the newspaper.
Make it part of your daily routine to keep your mind sharp.
Challenging our brains to a puzzle improves our thinking and can have positive effects on short-term memory.
Don't worry, if you don't receive a daily paper, you can find puzzles online.
The has a new one daily!
Listen to Music Discovering new music has changed a little since the days of digging through crates at the record store.
Sign up for and get access to music across all your listening devices.
You can compare the two and decide which you would prefer.
The Wii Look into purchasing a Wii, the video game console that simulates sports like tennis, golf, skiing, bowling, and even boxing.
The sensors pick up your movements and reactions to the gameplay.
Studies show that this gaming interaction has helped to improve balance, stability, and coordination.
Take advantage of the and start digging!
You never know, you may be related to someone famous!
Catch up on Your Reading at the Library The library is very much underrated.
What's more satisfying that a place that is always quite, where you can actually hear your own thoughts?
Stop at the cafe on the way in and grab a cup of coffee.
Head over to your favorite section and pick out a book, but careful.
Most libraries offer story time for children, check to see if they need any volunteers to read and get the chance share your love of books!
Crafting exercises the mind and reduces stress.
Plan a Paint Night Gather some friends for a therapeutic painting session and unwind.
For-fun painting classes a.
Head over to to search for class times and locations.
Join a Book Club If you consider yourself a bookworm, find a club that meets up regularly through your library, church, or community center.
Dive into deep discussions about themes and underlying meanings with others who share the same passion for reading.
Take a College Class Anyone can go back to school.
If you genuinely enjoyed learning as you grew up, why not brush up on your knowledge?
Enroll yourself at a junior college or go big apply to take courses at a university.
Depending on your state, application, tuition, and related fees are waived or stipulations may be handled individually by the school.
Learn a New Language is probably the most popular program for learning new languages.
It's an interactive software that teaches languages with an instinctive and natural approach.
Choose between 24 different languages and start mastering your skills today!
Learn New Technology Keep up with your grandkids on all the latest technology and learn how to navigate your way through the cyber world.
Make an account and gain access to hundreds of helpful tutorials.
Explore Online Courses Skip the classroom and continue your education from your couch!
Online colleges have becomes extremely popular for those returning to school or seeking education in specific fields.
Visit the and sign up for access to free online course or if you're looking for something a little more informal.
Become an Intern It's normal to miss work life after retirement, Fulfill your needs to stay active in the workforce and make a little extra cash if you can.
Becoming an intern is not just for college students.
Search for interning positions online at sites likeor directly contact companies you may be interested in - if it doesn't have an age or college requirement, you're able to apply.
Take a Computer Class Public computer classes are commonly offered on school campuses during the evening.
If you find yourself falling behind in the tech-savvy world, catch up by enrolling in a month long computing course.
Run a quick Google search to pull up available classes around you.
Attend Cultural Events Dive into a culture that is unique to you and learn what makes it so special.
Get a taste of the cuisine, history, art, and way of life by attending culturally themed events.
All while engaging and helping to support the community.
Scheduled vents are typically advertised in the local paper and on media outlets.
Visit Museums Whether it's fine arts, war history, or science, enrich your life and expand your knowledge by taking a trip to the museum.
Find exhibits online, and keep your eye out for special events or deals.
Don't forget to ask for your senior discount!
Read a News Source News publications keep us current on events happening around the world.
This could be the newspaper, a magazine, or an online source.
Regardless, staying current on news is important, but be careful not to default to a biased source.
Seminars There is these days.
Whether you're looking to pursue an entrepreneurial dream or boost your self-esteem "there's a seminar for that".
It really is a great way to learn from experts in the industry, meet new people, and gather the latest information.
You can tune in online, but attending in person is a lot more motivating You can do a search online specific to the seminar topic you're looking for 84.
Podcasts Podcasts are both educational and entertaining.
Listen while doing the laundry, cleaning the house, or driving in the car.
Download a podcast app to your smartphone.
Leverage Your Skills as a Consultant If others consider you an expert, trying using the knowledge you've gained throughout your career as leverage to become a consultant.
Help others who are working to achieve goals and skills that you have already mastered.
Check out - a site designed to help people connect with professionals in their industry for consulting.
Sign up as an expert and find clients looking for answers in your field of expertise.
Learn About Bitcoin If you're unfamiliar with Bitcoin you can.
It was created in 2009 and is a type of electronically held digital currency.
Bitcoin is independent of large banks or other central authorities and transfers are almost instant.
Freelance Writing If you enjoy writing for fun, why not make some money for it?
Become a freelance writer and get paid by the hour or by the article.
Sign-up as a freelancer onbuild your profile, resume, and set your rate.
Employers have the ability to post job openings as well as contact you personally.
You can also find freelance opportunities on Craigslist, but be aware of scams!
Open a Brokerage Account Invest your money to buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currency, and even contracts and receive a tax-advantage.
Online brokers are the most commonly used.
Do you research and have an idea of how often you'll be making trades, what support you need, and your limit of account fees.
Use NerdWallet to today!
Part-time Job After retirement, many people still have the desire to work.
Find somewhere that you would enjoy.
Visit, and to find part-time job opportunities.
Invest in Local Companies Look into investing in one of your favorite local companies.
Locally owned businesses help to improve the economy more than global companies and often times sustained tourism, entrepreneurship, social equality, and political participation.
Find more information on why you should invest locally.
You can also join a business club like SCORE to help make connections in your community.
Monitor What You Spend Take a day and dive into your finances.
When you're not working, you're not bringing in any new income; so it's important to develop a plan for monitoring what you spend.
You can use a free app, like that links to your bank account and tracks basic spending.
Identify where your money is going and where you can make adjustments.
You can pay for upgraded and more advanced features based off your needs.
Cut Clutter by Selling Online Take inventory of the things you no longer use - the better the condition the more likely you are to make a sale.
Consider anything from purses and shoes to furniture or gadgets.
There are several online platforms available.
Apps like or are mobile classifieds that allow users to buy from or sell to others locally.
Upload pictures straight from your phone and allow buyers to negotiate.
You don't have to be a top retailer or company to sell on big sites like or.
Create a seller profile and start listing your belongings 93.
Tutor Students If you have a flexible schedule become an and make your services available anywhere.
If you work better face-to-face, check the libraries, schools, and community centers for potential tutoring gigs.
Sell Your Crafts Online Set up your own storefront at and start making some money for your unique goods and crafts.
Etsy makes it easy, this is a secure site that allows sellers access to support, education, and management tools that help get the word out about your creativity!
Garage Sale You know what they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" Garage sales have been around forever, and they are still a great way to make some extra cash off the things you no longer need or use.
Start by selecting your date.
Spring sales typically do the best, but summer is also a very popular time for hosting.
Saturday is the most popular day, but consider Fridays for less competition or on a Sunday when church lets out.
To increase attraction to your sale, advertise with signs outside of your neighborhood.
You could ask your neighbors if they would like to join in on the action or you may even consider organizing a neighborhood-wide sale!
Provide Child, Adult, or Pet Care If you love taking care of others consider becoming a nanny or pet sitter!
Basic profile functions are free, but for a low monthly payment you can upgrade your account and better market your skills.
Earn Money Online Turn your living room into your office and work from home.
Tutoring, customer support, writing, data entry, and virtual assistance are just a few positions typically available to those looking to work from home.
You can find job openings on sitesbut and know what signs to look out for before releasing any personal information.
Explore Senior Employment Opportunities If you find yourself itching to get back into a work routine, there are a lot of resources designed for seniors to help find potential positions to apply for.
Here's a from the U.
Department of State that includes information on training, job fairs, and job postings specifically for Seniors.
Become an Uber Driver With Uber, you can make your own schedule.
If you have a reliable car and clean driving record you're on your way to making money by the mile.
Check out the other driver and sign up to today.
These free activities for seniors are great to do by yourself or with others and keep you active, crafty and entertained on a budget.
Fantasy Sports Are you a die-hard sports fan with a love of competition?
Build your virtual dream Fantasy Team online and follow their progress over the baseball, soccer or football seasons.
Based on key performance statistics like the number of touchdowns and home runs, Fantasy Leagues rank your teams against other members to see who is the best.
Register for free at Fantasy League sites like, and.
Origami A simple piece of paper is all you need for this fun, free activity that stimulates brain function and helps you practice hand-eye coordination.
The ancient Japanese art of folding paper into shapes and animals provides a tranquil activity that also taps into your creativity.
Find free instructional videos and Origami guides.
Make a Time Capsule Put together a nostalgic treasure chest of memories by making a time capsule for future generations to open in the years to come.
When deciding where to store your time capsule, remember generally above ground in a place agreed upon with your children is best.
Start a Youtube Channel Are you pretty savvy about a particular subject like playing an instrument or practicing yoga?
Start your own free Youtube channel and upload videos of you providing DIY instruction, insight, and expertise.
Invite friends and family on social media to subscribe to your channel and spread the word.
Who knows, maybe your videos will go viral!
You can also print coupons offline for free using sites like.
Record Your Memories Have a great war story to share?
Want to preserve your life reflections for your children or grandchildren?
Voice record your memories using your computer or smartphone; or find a discount digital handheld voice recorder at a thrift shop or on Craigslist.
Make a Family Cookbook Is your kitchen full of old family recipes?
Compile them in one place like a larger binder or recipe file, and make digital or printed copies to share with your children and grandchildren.
Not only will your favorite dishes bring smiles for generations to come, but family cookbooks make great gifts for the holidays and at family reunions.
Pokemon Go Hours of free brain stimulation are but a click away with Pokemon Go, a free digital game that encourages players to seek out virtual creatures in real-world locations using their mobile device.
Coloring Whip out the old art supplies and colored pencils and take part in an ultra-relaxing activity - coloring.
A creative and meditative way to spend time, coloring helps relieve stress and boost your mood.
Find free printable coloring sheets.
Attend a Free Show Keep an ear out for community shows, performances and concerts you can attend for free.
Oftentimes high school or university chorales will perform free recitals during the spring, fall and holiday seasons, and your city or town is bound to offer free concerts or shows throughout the warm summer months.
Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup Turn your free time into a free way to beautify your community.
With the help of neighbors and friends, coordinate a neighborhood cleanup that involves picking up trash and litter, and light landscaping like planting flowers around park walkways.
Make use of free tools like to help make coordinating volunteers easier.
Massage is a great way to alleviate the pain of stiff neck muscles.
Choosing the best neck massager however, can be difficult if you are not sure what to look for.
From compact roller balls to electric shiatsu massagers with deep-kneading nodes, the best neck and shoulder massagers target trigger points and fatigued muscles.
Make the most of your workout by incorporating ankle weights for running into your exercise routine or rehabilitation program.
Adding weight resistance to your daily jog not only ensures that you burn more calories, but helps strengthen the leg muscles and increase endurance.
Bending over to put on your shoes can be a nightmare for your back, hips, and knees.
Luckily, using the best long shoe horn for boots makes it easy.
Ideal for those with limited mobility, long shoe horns make slipping into boots a breeze.
Here are the best long shoe horns for boots to make your daily routine easier.
If your foot is healing from a serious injury, take advantage of all terrain knee walkers for a safe and speedy recovery process.
For those suffering from injuries, recovering from surgeries, or trying to speed up bone and muscle repair, the knee walker provides a way to rest the healing limb while still making it possible to enjoy daily activities.



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